What sets Hal Maris apart from other design/build firms?

Most design / build companies in today’s market are nothing more than joint ventures between individual architectural firms and construction companies, neither of which having any understanding or appreciation for the other.  This “hybrid” system of single-source responsibility is actually comprised of two separate companies which often hold conflicting ideas on issues involving the design and construction, especially which entity will be leading the project. This can lead to the owner having to resolve conflicts and destroying the harmonious teamwork concept which increases time and costs.

Unique Design Build Service

Hal Maris Design / Build Group offers a unique brand of design/build service. Being both architect and general contractor, Hal Maris, with over 48 years experience in the design / build industry, personally works with the project owner throughout the entire design/build process. From the initial meeting through planning, budgeting, scheduling, design, color and material selections, to the completion of construction,  our unique system of design / build involves only you, the owner and Hal Maris himself. This seamless approach to teamwork virtually eliminates mistakes, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Because Hal Maris has the knowledge and experience in all phases of design and construction he has the expertise to “fast track” projects so the site preparation and foundation phases can begin far in advance of the final plans being finished which produces a faster project delivery and saves you money.

Where do I go from here?

  • Contact Hal Maris "Let's discuss your project"
    This initial meeting offers both you the owner and the design / build team an opportunity to become acquainted and to discuss the broad scope of your project. This is the initial step in forming our partnership and understanding your vision and how we can work together to achieve a successful project. Following the initial meeting Hal Maris will visit your building site to analyze the property to establish the most suitable building location. As the project develops there will be numerous design, budget, scheduling and construction meetings but for now simply call or go online and get Hal Maris working for you.
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